Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship (2023)

HiMCM Outstanding Winner (2023)

Gold Badge - CyberStart America (2022)

3rd Place - Research Triangle High School Hackathon (2021)

2nd Place - Research Triangle High School Hackathon (2020)



<span class='text-light-purple'>Python</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>JavaScript</span>

React.js & React Native

<span class='text-light-purple'>React.js & React Native</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>Bootstrap</span>

Tailwind CSS

<span class='text-light-purple'>Tailwind CSS</span>

Chakra UI

<span class='text-light-purple'>Chakra UI</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>Next.js</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>Node.js</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>C</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>Java</span>

Azure Functions

<span class='text-light-purple'>Azure Functions</span>

AWS Lambda

<span class='text-light-purple'>AWS Lambda</span>

Hasura PostreSQL

<span class='text-light-purple'>Hasura PostreSQL</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>SASS</span>

Git & GitHub

<span class='text-light-purple'>Git & GitHub</span>


<span class='text-light-purple'>Linux</span>


Data Structures with C

Python I

AP Computer Science Principles

Computer Vision

Theory and Methods of Natural Language Processing

Foundations of Data Sciences

Intro to Cybersecurity

Research in Computational Science I

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Object Oriented Programming in Python

Research in Mathematics

Data Science for Finance with Credit Suisse

Machine Learning with Python


Identifying Provocative Sentences from Fearful WhatsApp Messages



: CyberUnicorns is a student-led club at NCSSM dedicated to cybersecurity and it's opportunities

Software Development Club

: NCSSM club that teaches students how to build real-world applications using code!

Computer Science Club

: NCSSM club dedicated to teaching and learning about computer science.

Machine Learning Club

: NCSSM club about neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and deep learning.

Valence Robotics (FRC Team 8429)

: Founding member of a student-led robotics team dedicated to making technology accessible to all.

Student Government (Outreach)

: Promoting our school's mission of providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students.


: NCSSM club that launches high powered and supersonic rockets.

Computer Science Club

: NCSSM club dedicated to teaching and learning about computer science.

Technology Student Association

: NCSSM club that enters into national competitions and participates in various events.

Asian Cultures Club

: Helped to create a culture of learning and sharing about Asian cultures.


(210+ hours)

Coding Tutor

The Coding Foundation

  • Taught 2 students with zero programming experience how to code in Python
  • 6 week program with each lesson being 1.5 hours long

Director Of Technology


  • Hosted a free middle school hackathon for over 80 students
  • Judged 50 submissions to finalize projects and decide upon winners

Youth Ambassador

North Carolina Asian Americans Together

  • Served 30+ hours at various NCAAT events and workshops
  • Contributed to NCAAT's N-Fluencer takeover program

Content Writer

For Young By Young

  • Created over 10 original blogs for the FYBY website
  • Revised and edited blogs for other publishers in FYBY

IT Director

Global STEM Youth Journal

  • Published over 30+ articles written by various authors for the GSYJ website
  • Redesigned and updated the website to reflect branding guidelines

Projects Committee

Key Club International

  • Volunteered 90+ hours for the Key Club International
  • Served over 10 organizations through Key Club, including Miracle League, Town of Cary/Raleigh, Brown Bag Ministry, and the American Heart Association

Community Volunteer

Morrisville Youth Leadership Council

  • Served 90+ hours for the Town of Morrisville
  • Collected 540+ pounds of food at the annual food drive
  • Raised $500+ for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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